Hopeless darkness

What Does Hopeless Feel Like PART TWO

Some questions of the heart are not easily answered, and the topic of hope is one of these complex, deep-seated matters.

Click here to read PART ONE of this blog, and hear how six people answer the question,  “What does hopeless feel like?”

This is PART TWO – the words of these same people when they were asked two more questions: “Can hope and darkness co-exist?” andWhat triggers the rebirth of hope?”

Reader #1: “I think you have to move through the darkness to find the hope. People have to go through the motions of every pain to be willing to find the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s what triggers hope; you work through your ‘stuff’ and create the will to see the light or silver lining.”

Reader #2: “Hope and darkness can co-exist. Many times a day, dark thoughts come to mind (worry is my darkness). What triggers hope is when I remind myself to feel strong, to know that I can’t control the situation, and I can’t fix people. My mind knows, and my heart knows, but sometimes my body doesn’t respond well. One day at a time, and sometimes it’s one moment at a time, but my hope wins every time because I’m stronger for the past I’ve overcome.”

Reader #3: “Hope and darkness cannot co-exist, because they are opposites. It’s the principle of action versus an equal but opposite reaction – it’s one of the most mind-boggling facts, but there are trillions of these positive and negative reactions occurring in your body at one time, and that includes hope and darkness. Think about it…when you close your eyes, that’s the exact opposite of opening them, and you can’t do both at one time. Because hope and darkness are opposites, when one is created, the other diminishes. Darkness cancels out hope, and hope cancels darkness. They cannot co-exist. To create the rebirth of hope, darkness has to die.”

Reader #4: Hope and darkness can co-exist, usually with some healthy tension. Sometimes I have fought off darkness, but other times I have welcomed it, believing that hope was undeserved. I believe we have to accept hope, to make a choice that we won’t let darkness claim too much real estate. We can do this by creating a mental image of what hope could bring.

Reader #5: “I had trouble seeing hope when I lived in darkness. The darkness enveloped me, and if hope was there, I couldn’t see it. My hope was triggered when I remembered that other people loved and needed me. I had to choose hope by choosing to be there for others.”

I have no wisdom to add to the heartfelt words of these beautiful people, so I will leave you with the words of one more who says it so well:

Reader #6: “Hope and darkness can co-exist. Hope is what you hold onto when you are surrounded by darkness; it is the one part of your consciousness that keeps you from sinking too far into yourself. The only thing that can trigger hope is the realization that you are worth more than how you feel. If you find something beautiful to focus on, you can begin to look at the world differently. It is like discovering things for the first time, and it pushes you away from the darkness.”

Perhaps our decision today, no matter where we are emotionally, is to focus on something beautiful!