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L-O-S-S: Another Four-Letter Word

You know them, those ugly four-letter-words. We can’t avoid them. An acquaintance blurts one out, right in the middle of a soccer mom-conversation. Shock! How do you react to that? “I’m sorry, Sue. Can you say that again?” After a while, you hear those ugly four letter words so much that they begin to slip out of […]

7 Questions Alex Trebek Never Read

7 Questions Alex Trebek Never Read I love Jeopardy, and I love Alex Trebek. But I hate those really smart contestants who seem to know everything about ancient history, literature, art, geography, and other stuff that most of us never learned  in school. As Americans, we should be well-equipped to understand what’s going on in our country, […]

What I never said: I am a domestic violence survivor.

It’s true. I am a business writer, and I am also a domestic violence survivor. I write about things like printed electronics, fiduciary risk, robotics and additive manufacturing. I also write about domestic violence, abandonment, divorce, grief and emotional healing. My business articles are published in regional and trade publications; sometimes they appear on client […]

An Open Letter to the Mother of My Abuser

Dear Mother of My Abuser, I just have to ask: “What were you thinking?” I know that a mother cannot be held accountable for the actions of her children.  We teach them the best we can, but ultimately they are responsible for their own actions and decisions. But you were a surrogate mother to me. […]